ZAG FIRST Digital Marketing’s founder Matthew Barksdale Featured on Front Page of Kansas City Business Journal Newspaper

ZAG FIRST Digital Marketing and its founder, Matthew Barksdale, were featured on the front page of the January 19th, 2018 edition of the Kansas City Business Journal newspaper. The following is the text of the article:

Matthew spoke to Leslie Collins of the KC Business Journal to talk about why he sold Engage Mobile and his love for digital marketing.

The article talked about the soulsearching that Matthew did that led him to start ZAG FIRST Digital Marketing and talked about the unique focus of the company.


A couple of the highlights of the article are the following:


The focus on small and mid-sized businesses: Barksdale said he‘s excited to build a business from the ground up that is purposefully built to serve small and midsize businesses. Its mission is to remove the mystery and complexities from digital marketing and help clients easily track and understand digital marketing efforts, which are backed with data-driven tactics. Services will include marketing strategy and development. social media marketing. video marketing and website development.


The concept behind the name ZAG FIRST: “The concept is that you can‘t do what everyone else does. As a small business. if you do everything everybody else does, you won’t stand out. So when everyone else zigs, you need to zag.”


To read the full online article, click here.



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