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We develop world-class videos to help your business thrive.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? A million?

The ZAG FIRST video team has been doing commercial video work around the world for over 10 years for brands ranging from Ferrari to Crown Royal to Indycar. We have produced programs for major networks and have won awards at film festivals. We know our stuff.

From our standpoint, the key to video is not great camerawork or amazing editing (although we do those) – the key is storytelling. What messages are we trying to communicate and how will we develop a story in order to bring the viewer into our world? What emotions are we trying to tap into? Video, editing, music, and voiceover all play an important role in telling the story.

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Examples of different types of videos produced by the ZAG FIRST team:

Storytelling Video Examples

ZAG FIRST Digital Marketing Overview Video

A Look Inside: Engage Mobile Solutions

Testimonial Video Examples

CBIZ Testimonial Video for Engage Mobile

Children’s Mercy Hospital Testimonial Video for Engage Mobile

Google Glass Video Examples

Engage Mobile Presents “The Art of the Verizon IndyCar Pit Stop” with RLL Racing using Google Glass

Kansas City Symphony and Engage Mobile Present Beethoven’s Fifth With Google Glass

Other Video Examples

Ferrari Historic Challenge Teaser Video

Demo Reel – Video Examples