ZAGFIRST hosting


Website hosting is a thankless task. Most non-technical people think you can “launch a website” and it will run perfectly, with 100% up-time, and cost next to nothing. While there are places where you can get free or near free hosting, there are several problems with this approach:

  1. Your website will not be backed up – so if there is a problem, you will lose content.
  2. Your website Content Management System (CMS, such as WordPress), plugins and components will not updated. As a result, the website becomes vulnerable to viruses, malware, and hackers.
  3. Your website will not be fast. One reason cheap hosting is cheap is because it is not fast.
  4. There is no one to call if there is an issue.

When there is a problem with a website hosted with a cheap hosting service, it can be a mess. Your site could be down for days, you could lose months of content updates, and it normally takes 10-40 hours of billable time to sort it all out. It is a mess – and it happens a lot.


#1 – Daily Site Backups

We make sure that your entire site is backed up every day. If there ever is a problem, we can easily restore it back to how it was the day before the issue.

#2 –  Incredibly Fast and Optimized for WordPress

We use WPEngine for our hosting provider. WPEngine only hosts WordPress websites – so the entire system is optimized to make sure WordPress runs quickly and smoothly. It’s also a managed host rather than a shared server, which means it’s less likely to experience downtime.

#3 – Security Monitoring and Security Audits

We keep your website safe by monitoring your site for any security breaches, and we perform monthly security audits to make sure that any security issues are resolved before they become an issue.

#4 – WordPress and Plug-in Updates

WordPress and the plug-ins that are used to run your site are frequently updated by their developers in order to add new features and make sure any security issues are resolved. We make sure that your WordPress CMS and any plug-ins are up-to-date and secure.

#5 – If There Is a Problem with Your Site Hosting (Security, Site Going Down, etc.) We Will Fix It – FOR FREE

The most important feature of our hosting is peace-of-mind. Not only do we take many steps to make sure there is never an issue with your website, if there is an issue we will fix it – and do it for free.

There are many other important features of our hosting service (such as a free staging site), but the most important feature is that we will make sure your site is up, optimized, and doing its job.